Chicken-free chicken is changing the way we eat

As more people are picking up forks instead of knives, the demand for vegetarian and vegan alternatives have never been so high. Chicken Free Chicken from Sunfed Meats is the newest addition to our supermarket shelves. Sold out on its first day of launch, Sunfed Meats is changing the food industry and creating a new generation of meat. 

Sunfed Meats (despite their name) do not contain any animal protein and are purely made from plants. However, they cook, feel and taste exactly like the real deal! It's a win-win situation.You still get to enjoy the taste of meat (if you're a meat lover) but your body will thank you for being healthier and better to the planet. 

But why chicken? Chicken was actually chosen by Sunfed due to its increasing popularity over other meats like pork. It is also the most affordable meat.

This innovative meat substitute, courtesy of founder, Shama Lee, was first pitched at the New Zealand Agribusiness Investment Showcase near Palmerston North. Lee shares, "what if we could skip the animal in the food chain and if we did it would become more efficient and a less costly system ... and that's exactly what we have done." The company was fund by two United States venture capitalists and a United Kingdom investor who contributed $1.2 million.

The Chicken Free Chicken is soy free, gluten free, vegan and contains nutrients such as protein, iron and zinc. Sunfed Meats claims that it "tastes so good you wouldn't know it's better for you" and sure enough, people on the streets couldn't even tell they were eating veggies in disguise. 

The increasing awareness of animal welfare, our health and the environment means that plant based diets are here to stay and with profits to prove. The plant based food sector is currently valued at $3.5 billion which grew by 8.7% in the past two years. 

Lucky for us (but not the rest of the world) Sunfed Meats is only available in New Zealand. The 'chicken' takes only 3 minutes to cook, it thaws fast and can be cooked from its frozen state. And best of all- you can't get salmonella. 

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