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Many of us spend the winter sitting at home or in the office, indulging in many foods that we know we shouldn’t be (aka that oh-so-good junk food). But we can’t forget those summer bodies happen in winter, so now is the perfect time to start heading back to the gym and slowly getting back into your fitness schedules that you’ve been putting off for so long. 

Even though I do find going to the gym to be a chore at times, group fitness classes make it so much easier to get motivated and start moving. You’re joined by 30 or more like-minded people all aiming to get the same out of the pumped-up environment. Whether it’s barre, strength training or cardio, Les Mills is my go-to gym for these ideal classes. I have been a member for 3 years now and I must say, my lifestyle has never been better. 

Les Mills, New Zealand’s most iconic gym, on the back of their flagship Auckland City gym’s refit, has just released three top-of-the-range 45-minute gym classes just in time to kick-start your summer prep and fitness goals. The club, where the Les Mills story began over 50 years ago, has had a revamp with a collaboration of the countries leading designers to create a world-class fitness destination for all experience levels. Getting that dream physique that's going to wow on Instagram and having you look hot-as-hell has never been easier with the three must-try classes sweeping the nation by storm (and when we say by storm we mean literally having you sweat so much you’d think it was actually raining).

The re-designed building’s refined black exterior and interior creates a dramatic theatrical backdrop for the world-best cycle class, THE TRIP®. The 45-minute immersive cycle experience combines a multi-peak cardio workout with a journey through digitally-created worlds to have you feeling like you’re in the year 2050. The modern Cycle Studio with nearly 100 gleaming Stages Bikes lined in a tiered theatre design, faces a large curved screen, fed by five giant projectors. You’re guaranteed to experience a full sensory journey through surreal landscapes with every workout being uniquely different from each other.

CEREMONY® is a 45-minute functional training workout that uses a wide range of exercises and pieces of equipment. The focus is on the whole-body, strength, cardio and conditioning using state-of-the-art equipment such as Ski Ergs, rowers, agility ladders, sleds, and kettlebells. The workouts also include explosive exercises, balance and coordination drills, and whole-body flow-based movements like dynamic bear crawls. Functional training classes are definitely ruling the workout world and CEREMONY® pays homage to this transformative craze.

The final fitness class release following Les Mills’ iconic re-design is CONQUER. The 45-minute, complete boxing conditioning workout uses a trio of Woodway Treadmill running, aqua bag punching and resistance-based cardio exercises like ball slams and skipping provides an unparalleled boxing experience. The workout has a boxing match structure with 3 minutes of work, with 1 minute to recover and transition to your next station. Boxing is a full-body workout that revolutionises the whole body having you fully immersed throughout. 

Les Mills has altered the very fabrication of a traditional gym experience, providing all the perfect fitness classes to please absolutely every gym-goer with a wide range of workout styles. The future-forward design makes this Auckland City location a go-to for everybody looking to renew their membership or heighten their current training routines. I’m sold on these kick-ass new classes, so I’ve booked myself in to begin my summer body goals, so what’s stopping you from reaching your goals too? Let's sweat it all out together and reach the goals we’ve always wanted to achieve.