The introvert's guide to Christmas party confidence

Tis’ the season to be jolly, but tis’ also the season where we find ourselves totally stretched for time. With a number of events spaced close together over the Christmas period, it can be overwhelming time of year, especially for the introverts among us. Never fear, these tips and tricks will have you prepped and ready to be confident at your next function. Because, fake it til you make it, right?

The whole room full.
Keep in mind that you may not be the only person feeling nervous, overwhelmed or anxious about being there. In fact, it’s guaranteed you wont be. It’s so important to know that you are not alone, as many others may be feeling the same way. Many people at these events are so focused on trying to keep it cool, calm and collected that they will be focusing on their own appearance rather than yours!

Two is company, three is a crowd.
The old saying 'two is company, three is a crowd' definitely applies in these social situations. Try to surround yourself with a good and comfortable amount of people where possible. If you feel safe and at ease talking to two people, move throughout the event with the same or similar number. This way, you prevent yourself from being overwhelmed and lost for words whether it be in a larger or smaller group.

Toast, not most.
Although the idea of free alcohol sounds great for some, at an event this can definitely hinder and alter the experience that one has. There’s no denying that popping a bottle of champagne is a fun experience, but knowing your limit and sticking to it is the key. It’s best to not drink excessively to make the most of the event and maximise the experience. This way, you can stay in control and are more inclined to have a positive experience.

Wear something you love!
Wearing an outfit that you feel good in is a small thing that will make the world of a difference. If you are wearing something that makes you feel confident, then you're sure to shine from the inside out. Being comfortable in what you're in will help you feel amazing too. 

Keep off your phone where possible.
It’s so much easier to interact and meet new people when you are not investing your time and efforts into your phone. Although social media can be a great distraction and deterrent from awkward or uncomfortable situations, putting your phone away and interacting with others will make you feel less isolated and more engaged.

Less you, more them.
Talking to other people is made easier when you seem engaged and interested in what they have to say. Turn taking in conversations is imperative, so make sure to ask lots of questions about the person you are conversing with, as this is the easiest thing to discuss. You can also never run out of things to discuss this way!

Although smiling sounds like an obvious thing to do, we so often forget to do it when we are placed in an awkward, overwhelming or uncomfortable situation. Smiling will make you seem more approachable as well as positive and will attract people to you. If you seem friendly and positive, you are bound to have a better experience at events, as people want to interact with you more, making you feel less isolated and alone!