Unwind in these weird and wonderful places to stay across New Zealand

It's easy to get caught up in the hustle of everyday life, where work becomes prioritised over well-being. Nowadays, it seems grind culture has an ironclad hold on the best of us, with burnout becoming all too common. Sometimes, we just need a break. Lucky for us, we live in the stunning natural landscape of New Zealand. The home of weird and wonderful getaways like no other, all it takes is one small trip to enter a whole new fantasy world. We’ve rounded up five one-of-a-kind spots to help you combat that pesky stress and mundanity of it all. From cabins to a literal boot, unwind in one of these uniquely distinctive rentals to help you regain clarity and reap the benefits nature has to offer. 


Unyoked is on a mission to help people recentre themselves through immersion in nature. If life’s got you feeling deflated, then one of their Raglan cabins might be the staycation you desperately need. With three tiny homes located at varying altitudes, the extent of adventure is up to you. Guests are provided with GPS coordinates to access the secret location, so secluded that the final leg is a route accessed only by hike. With a wheelbarrow in tow to carry personal belongings, you’ll find yourself fully involved in the outdoor experience. Once arrived, you’ll discover the cabin furnished to perfection. The solar power and composting toilet stay true to the nature theme, while the outdoor fire pit and bar fridge make this a more than ideal spot to escape. Located on a mountain with idyllic ocean views, your mind and body will thank you for the peaceful solace of this retreat. 

Fairytale Treehouse  Indulge in your childhood fantasies at this magical Fairytale Treehouse in Whangarei. The whimsical decor and stylistic architecture will allow your creative mind to run free. The floor-to-ceiling wooden interior ensures visitors receive an authentic treehouse experience while still having full access to every amenity possible. Rich jewel-tone accents on the wooden surfaces create a gloriously magic atmosphere, resembling exactly how you’d imagine a fairytale character to live. Just a short distance from the Whangarei Growers’ Markets, guests will be able to indulge in locally grown natural produce to enjoy in the privacy of their own personal fairy grotto. Unleash your imagination during your stay at this secluded getaway, allow yourself to unwind, and forget your responsibilities for a little while. 

Earth Domes

A retreat like no other, Solscape’s Earth Domes in Raglan provide a grounding experience that will reconnect you with nature. With no two domes the same, these fascinating builds feature an earthy style decor within the rounded walls. The Large Earth Dome houses a comfortable lounging space and queen bed with room for more. However, if you’re seeking a quieter escape, the Small Earth Dome might be your perfect fit, even featuring a skylight above. Relish in this space designed for rejuvenation in the high-quality linen bedding, or perhaps explore the spacious outdoor grounds Raglan has to offer. If it's uniquity you seek, look no further, these Earth Domes are a must-experience!

The Giant's House

Yet another wacky but whimsical escape to add to the list,
The Giant’s House in Akaroa is a readily available fantasy for guests to indulge in. The main feature of this architectural wonder is the gorgeously vibrant ceramic garden. The huge sculptures create a world that lives up to its name, built for giants to be experienced by us common folk. Full of life and playful colour, the house itself is no different. A creative's dream, the walls are lined with artwork and colour, featuring a mosaic floored conservatory. Visually stimulating and uplifting, this charming rental will reset your mind, ready to return to everyday life with a newfound positive spirit. 

Woodlyn Park
Boasting a uniquely wonderful collection of motels, Woodlyn Park’s themed retreats are a quintessentially Kiwi experience. The list of stays includes a hobbit cave, multiple plane units, train experience, and so many more. All of these fully facilitated individualised places are super popular with couples and families alike, with the ideal stay available for absolutely everybody. Here, you can find up to nine weird and wonderful experiences without even having to leave the park’s vicinity. Choose to either feel like you’ve stepped right into a Lord of the Rings film set, or relax in the abundance of delightfully authentic repurposed architecture. Whatever your fantasy, Woodlyn Park has it at your service. 

The Boot
Straight out of a storybook, this magical hideaway is the wackiest stay of them all. ‘The Boot’ BnB will shrink you back to your childhood, a magically imaginative experience for two. Set on the Tasman Coast, natural beauty is in no short supply. Step inside this fairytale adventure and find yourself enveloped in inviting, homely comfort. Large open fireplaces and a luxury queen-sized bed make this the ultimate cosy escape. This unique piece of architecture is embellished with charming little details, with fresh flowers and candles to set the perfect level of ambiance. Full to the brim of life and character, The Boot is truly a one-of-a-kind getaway.