The latest coffee trend to hit NZ shores

Fine wine, cheese, meat, (some) people... there are few things that get better with age. But had we been told coffee also fell into that category we wouldn't have believed them. That is, until we tried the newly launched aged coffee courtesy of Nespresso

The limited edition Selection Vintage 2014 has been expertly aged for a delectably rich, mellow and velvety flavour. Made from fresh Arabica coffee sourced from the highest altitudes in Colombia, this new blend was harvested more than three years ago, and meticulously aged to bring about a complex woodiness, soft fruity notes and smooth, velvet-like texture. 

Aging coffee is not an entirely new notion, as the tradition dates back to the late 1700's when coffee harvesters in Indonesia would traverse seas for months on their journeys to Europe, where the coffee would be exposed to different elements, therefore altering its taste.

To celebrate the launch of this clever new blend, a set of two Reveal Espresso Intense glasses (RRP$55) have also been released to market. These specially developed glasses by the team at Riedel allows the coffee to express its balanced aromas, therefore enhancing its smoothness and enriching the sensorial pleasure even further. 

Boasting a 7 on the Intensity scale, and available in Espresso (40ml) serving sizes, the Selection Vintage 2014 capsules are RRP$11.30 for a pack of 10. 


The Nespresso Selection Vintage 2014 will be available for a limited time from all Nespresso  boutiques, as well as online here.